Allow Mask Exemptions for Children with Developmental Disabilities (Autism)

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I am the mother of twin boys. They are 6 years old, and both of them have Developmental Disabilities (Autism). We have a trip planned to travel from Colorado to California in October on Southwest Airlines. We recently found out that the airline has a new strict mask mandatory policy that excludes mask exemptions for any reason due to "CDC guidelines".

This is a major problem for my boys because they are unable to wear masks for the entire duration of the flight. One of my boys won't wear a mask at all. We (and a team of therapists) have been working with him on this for months without success. After contacting Southwest Airlines multiple times we are still being told that there are absolutely no mask exemptions for any reason.

The CDC doesn't have specific mask guidance for the developmentally disabled population. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests this on their website currently in Q&A:

Should children with developmental disabilities wear masks?
The use of masks for children of any age with developmental disorders, disabilities or other specific health conditions should not be mandatory and be assessed on a case by case basis by the child’s parent, guardian, educator and/or medical provider. In any case, children with severe cognitive or respiratory impairments with difficulties tolerating a mask should not be required to wear masks.

I am petitioning to make change for my children and everyone in the Developmentally Disabled community. I am also fighting to make a change for anyone who needs a mask exemption on a flight. Please support children with Autism by signing this petition.