School Street timed road closure on Dulwich Village

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Dulwich Village is a road in front of 3 primary schools and a route for many more children to travel to local schools. We estimate that over 1,000 children either travel to schools on this road or nearby. 

At peak times the traffic queues right in front of the schools, you can taste the pollution and the traffic levels are unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists. 

With this in mind Clean Air for Dulwich, are calling for a ‘School Street’ on Dulwich Village (between Turney Rd and Village Way/East Dulwich Grove). Please sign our petition by 28th October and add your voice! 

What is a ‘School Street’?

School Streets are where roads outside schools are temporarily closed to vehicles at school drop off and pick up times only (and unrestricted at other times). They have been found to reduce exposure to air pollution, increase road safety and lead to more active travel, which is good for everyone’s health. They create a more pleasant environment for everyone, while making sure residents, businesses, pedestrians and cyclists can still use the road.

Having Dulwich Village temporarily closed off (between Turney Rd and Village Way/East Dulwich Grove) would dramatically cut the air pollution directly outside Dulwich Infants' and the Hamlet at these peak times and enable children to travel to and from school more safely.  

Are there any School Streets nearby where I can see one in action?

Local schools including Bessemer Grange, Goose Green and Harris East Dulwich already have School Streets in place.

It’s also worth flagging that there are School Streets elsewhere in London on bus routes similar to the P4, where the roads are closed to private traffic but the bus still passes through the street (obviously at a slow speed). These are called bus gates and will always be manned at the outset, to ensure compliance and safety of users of the School Street. 

This video shows a School Street from a successful project in Hackney.

That all sounds great, but I’m worried about what happens to the traffic? 

Displacement is clearly a concern. We hope that a School Street would be only one component in the wider Southwark Council actions arising from the 'Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich' consultation currently underway.  A time limited School Street as part of a wider programme would deliver the most benefits to the overall neighbourhood. 

Additionally, based on monitoring of other road closure schemes there is generally a level of traffic evaporation whereby not all traffic is re-routed, some of it is clearly so inconvenienced that re-routing isn’t viable and thus it evaporates (or disappears!) as people switch to a different mode of travel.