No Building on Burgess Park Protected Open Space

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The Southampton Way entrance to Burgess Park has an area of derelict land used for what was supposed to be temporary scrap-yards & car-washing.

The land has been designated as part of the protected Metropolitan Open Land of Burgess Park for over 30 years, as the council steadily CPO'd (Compulsory Purchased) the various bits of privately owned land, designated to be the park for local people, in the original Abercrobie Plan after WW2.

This is one of the final pieces of that precious jigsaw.

However, a developer has bought an option on the site & are suggesting up to a 6 storey residential tower-block on this entrance to the park.

The council had promised to CPO the site but has yet to implement the promise.

It is crucial that this land which has been blighted for so long, waiting to be landscaped, be finally landscaped and included in the adjacent recently improved wildlife-site.

An overlooking 6 storey tower-block would serious damage the amenity value of the wildlife site.

Please sign our petition calling on the council to oppose any planning application for building on this site and call on them instead to fulfill their promise to CPO and incorporate this final piece of the Burgess Park jigsaw.