No to Cooks Road, Chapter Road & Carter street closures in the Walworth/Kennington area

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More than half way there! Keep sharing!

Well done guys we are nearly at 800 supporters! Our goal is to get to 1500 before we take this to the council as this is the number required by Southwark for a council assembly. So please keep sharing to locals and others who will be affected by these changes.

Please do not forget to also individually make a representation to the council via one of the below options:-

1.     Use the form labelled 'Parking - Road traffic and highway schemes - responding to statutory consultation notices' at quoting reference ‘TMO2021-EXP03_LSP Walworth’.

2.     Send a statement via email to:

3.     Send a statement via letter to: Traffic Order consultations, Highways, Southwark Council, Environment and Leisure, P.O. Box 64529, London SE1P 5LX.



Southwark Resident
2 months ago