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Stop heavy lorries on the Brook Drive section of Cycle Superhighway 7

The re-development of the Elephant and Castle Leisure Centre site involves demolishing the existing Centre and rebuilding it alongside a new 35 storey residential tower.

This petition concerns the proposed routing of heavy construction lorries for the entire four-year demolition and construction period along the Brook Drive and Churchyard Row sections of the Cycle Superhighway 7.

The proposed lorry route is shown in red on the map above, the Cycle Supehighway is in blue and the alternative route is in green.

As a local resident and a cyclist I am very concerned at this inappropriate and dangerous plan. This is not an objection to the scheme as a whole, just to the routing of the lorries. Luckily the contractors have spoken of an alternative plan for access to the site by lorries. This would be to draw them off the Elephant and Castle A road onto the site via an on-site lay-by. This would avoid any lorries travelling on cycle routes or narrow residential streets. Unfortunately they appear reluctant to promote this plan.

It would seem obvious to me that forcing thousands of cyclists onto the Elephant and Castle A roads, while piling heavy construction traffic down residential and cycle routes, is both dangerous and daft. Cyclists who continued to use the Superhighway would be brought face to face with heavy lorries turning on a set of very narrow bends. Turning lorries are one of the chief causes of cyclist deaths in London.

Please support this petition to keep cyclists and residents safe.

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