Keep Southland School ISD 500 for Another Century

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We need to come together – for our kids!

It comes as no surprise to you that our Southland community is severely divided… our school is facing financial challenges and we need a plan – a plan that the majority of our community can agree on.

Each potential solution that has been brought forth carries with it pros and cons. By putting our blinders up to any/all solutions that aren’t “ours”, we will not make any progress. Our children deserve progress. We believe they are being taught in school to bring diverse thoughts/ideas to the table and come up with a solution. Don’t we owe it to them to do the same?

It’s time that we come together to find the answer. Are we not capable of uniting rather than dividing? Let’s not be the status quo – the one where the going gets tough and the community becomes torn. We’re better than that!

Even though the future of our school is unknown at this point, we are incredibly hopeful that the community that we have chosen to raise our families in can prosper and grow. This is a great school and a great community. If we all come together, we can make it even better. Perhaps we can devise a solution that promotes future growth – one that outsiders look at and want for their own children. We owe it to the current and future generations of children who do and will call this place home.

The following Southland School District registered voters would like the School Board and Project Overview Committee to continue to explore the possibility of a new school more centrally located along the I-90 corridor to improve, maintain, increase enrollment and keep Southland viable for years to come. 
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