Save the Dundalk Olde Town Hall

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We, the current and former residents of Dundalk and the surrounding communities, are taking a stand to save the Dundalk Olde Town Hall from demolition. By signing this petition, we agree that the Southgate Council should protect this building by voting for it's restoration and revitalization with support and action from the community.

This historical cultural building symbolizes the heart and heritage of our community, right in the heart of our downtown. It has been utlilized for many purposes, mainly arts and culture, for over 100 years. From movie showings, concerts, Dundalk Little Theater plays, a meeting space, and the former Council chambers, it has seen many generations come through its doors. We want to see that livelihood and purpose continue for the generations to come. Our vision for this building is that it will be one of the few historical buildings left in our town to point future residents to reflect on our history while also being able to look towards the future. We want to have a place where the performing arts, visual arts, and an interest in history and culture can be properly nourished right in town. We also see the potential for a great meeting space that also provides a historical aesthetic and background.

Unfortunately, many other Dundalk buildings have already been torn down and others are beyond repair. The Olde Town Hall, however, is a strong building that thankfully has been maintained and worked on throughout the years for it to still be usable to some extent currently. However, in order to allow this building to be fully open to the public, it needs many upgrades to meet new fire and building codes. Main focuses for known restoration needs at this time are: fire separation between floors with proper fire doors and fireproof drywall, accessibility for all, proper weight support for use of the theater including repair of a beam, first floor upgrades, minor roof work, minor foundation repair, electrical upgrades and possible other minor improvements.

As a community, we need to rally support, donations, sponsorships, grants, and council approval to fight to bring this historic beauty back up to building code so it can be enjoyed for future generations to come.

As Team Town Hall, our current focus is breaking down the "3-6 million" quote the Township has provided taxpayers as an estimate for repair of the building. We are seeking quotes from trades in the surrounding community rather than hiring trades from larger cities. The committee is currently looking for walk-throughs, comments and quotes from contractors and structural engineers locally. We are comparing with small towns who have funded similar historic building restorations to see what their costs have been to restore. We are speaking with grant providers. We are investigating sponsorships from businesses in our community. We are asking people of our town to donate to this worthwhile cause. Please note we are NOT asking the Township of Southgate to solely fund this project through taxpayer money as we know that is not a feasible option, though their ongoing support is much appreciated.

There is a lot of work to be done but we, the current and former townspeople, are supportive and eager to put the work in to see this beautiful Old Town Hall restored to its former use as an arts and culture building in our community.

We cannot save them all, but we can save one.

*** By signing this petition, I agree to support this cause and agree to be contacted by a committee member for my support in donating time, skills, or funds, as I am able, towards this project.

Important date: Tuesday January 9th at 7PM there is a meeting with the Southgate CAO, council members who are able to attend, and any and all interested community members at the Olde Town Hall in order for the Township and Council to feel out support and interest from the community on saving this building. Your attendance is incredibly important as a step to save this building from possible future demolition. We urge you to please aim to attend. Coffee and snacks will be provided. This petition will also be presented to showcase the initial community support at that time.

Please email supporting comments to: which will be forwarded to the Town Clerk and Council for review. We ask that you keep your outlook positive and constructively helpful. Thank you to all who have formerly put efforts and funds into this building - we are excited to join together to see this project come to completion. If you are interested in joining Team Town Hall, please email us at the address above or contact Mary Redmond or Samantha Parent at 705-790-5100.
Thank you!