Reduce Rent in Southern Utah to Reflect the Shorter Semester, Consider COVID Issues

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Share the Petition, Distribute the Flyer, Organize!

I appreciate the support we've had so far, and want to emphasis the power of organizing as tenants. Even if you are able to pay for rent this semester, many cannot pay and have nothing to support them. They will be evicted, or will simply drop out this semester. Solidarity is the answer, stand up for the least of us and prevent evictions. If you are in Cedar City right now, get involved in spreading the word to other tenants. Share the petition, talk with your roommates, ask if anyone is struggling financially, print and pass out this flyer, whatever you can do to help. 

As we start this semester again, be sure to pay rent in monthly segments rather than in full at the start of the semester. This way you have the ability to withhold rent in a strike, should it come to that, or leave campus early in the case we go fully online again. 

7 months ago