Let’s make Southern University better !

Let’s make Southern University better !

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Southern University is the pillar of higher education and the advancement of the black culture in Louisiana. It has graduated many successful black community leaders, engineers, business people, lawyers, nurses, etc who went on to do great things. There is a problem at Southern. It is slowly deteriorating. Given the speed of today’s world, universities around the country are becoming more modern and student-friendly while Southern hasn’t changed much in more than a decade. 

We have serious problems on campus like the strenuous drawn-out financial aid process that deters students from attending Southern, the terrible roads, and rundown buildings. We as students, alumni, and other stakeholders of this university have an obligation to rise up for a change. Given the past threats of accreditation loss and the current lack of academic improvements, we do not believe Southern has a fighting chance within the next 25 years. So the question we ask is will Southern survive in 25? 

We plan to make that a confident yes. Here is how you can contribute to that. You as a student of Southern University hold over 53% of the revenue at the university; a staggering 76 million dollar figure. We are Southern and if you sign this petition to refrain from attending Southern University in Fall 2020, we can get the administration and board to meet our demands and finally put an end to the cycle of mediocrity at Southern. 


List of demands: 

1. Rewrite of the constitution that benefits students and gives us a seat at the decision-making table
2. System of solving complaints and problems that students encounter
3. Immediate road reconstruction and repairing of parking lots
4. Dormitories past improvement deconstruction and improvement of dormitories that are not of satisfaction
5. Strategically placed trash cans around campus
6. More parking spaces for students
7. Financial Aid/ registration process upgrade
8. Redefining success at Southern University
9. Students direct involvement in evaluating leadership in Southern University System
 10. Better plan to allocate and obtain funds from donors/sponsors 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!