Designate the organization "Open Air Outreach" as a hate group

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On March 29th and 30th of 2018, the Open Air Outreach ( hosted a demonstration on the University of North Texas campus where they shouted hate against the Black Lives Matter Movement, Gays, Feminists, and much more. Signs read such as "BLM are racist thugs" and "Got Aids Yet". Additionally, there were many signs against Muslims saying Jesus "has a pressure cooker for every dead Muslim". Additionally, students reported hearing "It's about time someone cracked the whip", "God doesn't love you because you're brown" and at one time a member of the organization told LGBTQ students in the audience to "kill yourselves". This rhetoric clearly targets certain minority groups and forwards a Christian-white-male supremacy. These encounters seriously affected the emotional well being of the students on our campus, prompting the Dean of Students to open a Safe Space on campus and eventually to expand advertisements for on campus counselling. 

The event gathered huge crowds and seriously affected the well being of our students on campus. More information about this event can be found at: . What's more, the presence of the organization's leader, Jesse Morrell, suggests his approval of these actions. If the leader of the organization condones hate speech, does that not make this a hate group? 

We would like the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leading classifier of hate groups around the US, to investigate this organization for their deserved designation as a hate group.