Re-do SNHU Housing Selection

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Hello fellow SNHUdents,

If you don’t know already, on Thursday, the second day of housing registration, roughly between the time of 11am and 12:30pm, there was a glitch in the MyHousingDirector system that caused all the 4 person housing to be all boy or all girl dorms.

What this means for all mixed gender 4 person groups, is that they could not see any townhouses or apartments when it was time for them to select housing. Therefore, they were not able to select housing that would’ve been available otherwise.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the 4 person housing was filled up; however, after Southern New Hampshire University Residence Life quickly fixed the system’s glitch, other 4 people groups were able to take the spots that those who experienced the glitch were not able to get.


So what should be done about this?

Since this was an unfair registration, those with earlier times did not get the houses that they would have been able to get if it wasn’t for the glitch,

Southern New Hampshire University’s Residence Life should re-do 4 person housing selection at a later date.


(*Disclaimer: The creator of this petition is not one who was affected by this glitch. They think this glitch created an unjust selection and would like for it to be redone fairly)

(**Disclaimer: This is primarily for Southern New Hampshire University students but others can sign the petition also)