Johnston County NC Animal Services Do Not give the Abused Pug Back to the Owner

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Post Monday 2/25 night by the owner of the pug in a public Facebook chat.  The family pug bit the child. The husband became angry afterwards, according to the owner/poster,  after seeing the marks on the child, then proceeded to hit the pug 10 times as well as kicking it down the stairs.

The pug is under quarantine with Johnston County Animal Services in Smithfield NC, near Raleigh. According to the owner they are to get the pug back. 

We have informed animal services of the abuse the owner has admitted to and asked the pug not be returned.

I encourage you to call ‭+1 (919) 934-8474‬,fb message and email with your concern on why the pug should not be returned to the home it was abused.