Southend-on-Sea Borough Council - Stop Helping This Landlord Make a Young Family Homeless!

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In 4 weeks time a hard-working young Polish family with three lovely children will be made homeless because Southend Council will not move them on to the emergency housing list until their current Landlord approves it. However, this same Landlord has waged a savage, unnecessary campaign to evict this family who were left with no gas heating and a very limited access to electricity for months during one of the coldest winters we have seen in this country for many years. He has lied in court and tried every dirty trick in the book to evict this family before they have had time to find a new place of residence.

Now, due to intense pressure, deplorable living conditions and relentless aggression on behalf of this Landlord, who, for all we know could be doing this out of racist intent, the family have decided they have no choice but to move out and they approached the council for help. However, instead they have chosen to help realise this Landlord’s potentially racist intentions by giving him the decision as to whether this family are put on the streets. If this happens Southend council will have acted illegally as they have a duty of care to these citizens. However, they don’t seem to be bothered about this and have decided not to help this family.

We call on everyone who reads this to help us prevent this young family from becoming homeless and destitute. They will lose their work, their children’s places in schools and could even be forced to leave the country if we do not come together and help prevent Southend Council from making this happen.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and James Duddridge MP, we, the good people of Southend, call on you to do your legal duty and prevent this young family from becoming homeless by finding them an appropriate place to live before they are made homeless in 4 weeks time!

You have the power and the resources to prevent this. If you choose not to, then you are breaking the law and potentially sponsoring racists, financially and ideologically, and we will not stop until you are held to account.

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