Allow SEC Marching Bands to Perform on the Field

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Marching bands are an integral part of the pageantry and tradition at every football game.  They are part of the fabric of the universities they support.  No game would be the same without the contribution the band makes during pregame, in the stands, and of course the half time show!  Marching bands are a part of a school's identity and a major factor in the game day experience.

Marching bands work tirelessly to support their school and have earned the right to perform on the field. They should join the football team, cheerleaders, and dance teams as part of the game. Their contribution to the team and the fans is immeasurable.  Author Michael Weinreb is quoted as saying the marching band playing at home is worth 3 points to the home team! Marching bands set the tone for the entire game day from pep rallies before the game to pregame and half time during the game.

The SEC made the decision to restrict bands from performing on field before games and during halftime. Their policy is subject to change during the year based on developments around COVID-19.  We believe that the SEC should change their decision to prohibit bands from performing on the field.

Bands have adapted to limit the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing, wearing face masks, and covering their instruments.  These measures in addition to the fact that they are playing outdoors should allow them to safely perform on the field.

Please sign our petition for the SEC to allow conference marching bands to perform on field before the game and at halftime.