Bring Back Lois Johnson

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Emma Freel
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Lois Johnson has been a committed educator of the SE Polk school district for over 40 years, she has been let go based on the story of a disruptive student. We do not want to see her go out like this.

So many of us who attended SE Polk have at least one memory with “Lojo” in it. She has and continues to positively impact the lives of so many children and young adults. For anyone that knows Lojo, you can guarantee to find her handing out free high-fives, getting the team motivated before the big game, or cheering students on at a local athletic event. Lojo is committed to the positivity of SE Polk and the students within it. This past week, this commitment included stopping the behavior of a violent student who was being extremely disruptive to the other students around him. To stop the behavior, Lojo had to take the student by his arm and guide him back to his seat. Lojo kept her commitment of positivity to SE Polk students in mind and deescalated the situation. The student went home and told his parents that Lojo pulled his arm, this story was then confirmed by the student’s best friend and his girlfriend. The assistant superintendent has let Lois Johnson go based on the story of a violent student and his friends, rather than the word of a respected educator of over 40 years. The fact that Lojo acted as a responsible teacher and took control of the situation when a student was acting violent by taking him back to his seat, gives me reassurance as a parent. It reassures me that the adult in the room had and took control, when needed, in what could’ve been a potentially dangerous situation. Stopping the behavior from continuing is being committed to the safety and positivity of SE Polk and it’s students.

Lois Johnson has been an educator for over 40 years. We all know her and now most of our kids know her. Please consider signing this petition to show that we know that Lois Johnson is NOT a violent teacher and would NEVER harm a child. She has only contributed positivity to the Southeast Polk School District, let her continue to do so. More importantly, do not let her go out like this.