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Southeast, Patterson, Carmel residents are you familiar with this LARGE scale development, the LARGEST ever conceived for our small town, which will forever change the quality of our lives and community?

Please sign and share this petition on your social media sites and with your friends and neighbors. Please note: This petition is only for residents of The Town of Southeast, NY and affected areas of Carmel, NY and Patterson, NY.

Northeast Interstate Logistics (NIL) will be three times the size of Highlands Center, consisting of 1.1 million square feet of warehouse storage and distribution center. NIL is located adjacent to Tilly Foster Farm and on Pugsley Rd across the street from Highlands Center (Home Depot and Kohl's) and CareMount medical facility on Route 312.   

NIL   NIL will clear cutting a 100 acres, of which 57 acres will be impervious parking and building surfaces and the destruction of endangered species habitat.

Traffic: Every day, NIL will generate 510 tractor-trailer trucks trips on a daily basis - 24 hours a day – that’s 21 trucks every hour. Plus, additional 660 cars to Route 312.  Trucks will being utilizing Route 6 to Mahopac. 

To deal with traffic congestion, NIL has suggested a round about to Route 312 at the entrance of the development. Imagine going through a roundabout with several tractor trailers. Never mind our school buses!

NIL will eliminate any right on red at the intersections of 312, 84 and independence way. Leading to potential longer waiting times at these intersections.

Not only will all this additional traffic clog a route that is already congested, slowing commuters, school buses, but it will also disturb nearby neighborhoods with constant noise, pump exhaust fumes into the air, and encroach on our Middle Branch phosphorus limited watershed.

Views: NIL is requesting the Southeast Planning Board to dismantle our Ridgeline Protection Policy, forever changing the daily views of residents, such as Brewster Hill, Hunters Glen, Twin Brooks and many smaller streets like Maple Street.  Instead of rolling hills, residents will have a view of a warehouse and night time lighting.  Changing the ridgeline protection policy leaves the door open for other developers to request the same modifications.

Taxes: NIL will get a 10-year tax abatement. Once they start paying taxes in ten years, it will only bring $2,000,000 to the town of Southeast. Our school budget is $98,000,000 -we will never see any tax benefit from this project.

Jobs: NIL documented the majority of the jobs it will bring to Southeast will only be paying $15 an hour and are low skilled jobs.  Will $15 an hour or $35,000 a year support the lifestyle of a resident of Southeast?  

Is this how we want to see our beautiful community changed forever?  As a hub of massive warehouses (think of the GAP in Fishkill by 84)? A town filled with trucks and cars, noise and pollution?  Is it fair to the residents who's property butt up against the NIL and will have permanent views of warehouses, trucks, noise and light pollution?   

We need to say NO to this project and the Southeast Planning Board, who represent the residents, should vote NO to approving the changes required for this project to move forward.  

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