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Peter Daniels
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We, the International Poetry Community, have grave concerns about the future of the UK’s National Poetry Library in the wake of Southbank Centre’s ruthless redundancy programme. The imminent job cuts and operational plans will ensure the library’s physical collection remains inaccessible to the public until at least April 2021. There will be no remote enquiry service. This will seriously undermine its essential operations along with its mission to collect all poetry published in the UK. SC’s centre-wide cuts disproportionately affect the National Poetry Library team, with only two of ten roles retained, and the justification given for this is they ‘simply cannot afford’ to open the Royal Festival Hall. Despite this, commercial ventures on the site such as the Skylon restaurant have re-opened. In an online open letter SC’s own employees say they feel an opportunistic restructuring has begun under the dark cloud of COVID-19, and the proposed redundancies to the library’s staff amount to a shocking 70% cut against a payroll saving of 32% across the organisation. Staff losing their jobs will be given no guarantee of re-employment, which sets the stage for the under-staffing and under-resourcing of an already busy and well-used public service dedicated to the nation’s long-term benefit. 

Since its creation by the Arts Council England in 1953 the National Poetry Library has blossomed and is now officially part of our National Documentary Heritage. It was entrusted to Southbank Centre in 1988 on the basis it was to run as a ‘living collection’ with ‘professional stewardship’. This latest redundancy proposal will make this impossible. Since lockdown, a gap approaching 1,000 items has opened up in the library holdings, and many of the limited edition books, journals, zines and press cuttings that they collect will no longer be available by the time the library opens again. Many other libraries across the UK, including the Scottish Poetry Library, have welcomed readers back with safe COVID-19 procedures, and we think it grossly unfair to mothball the library’s enquiry service, digital and physical collections because of the parent art centre’s historic debt & drive to commercialise the site. See

SC attempted to bring in a paid membership option for borrowing in 2019, which was abandoned due to passionate opposition from the Poetry Community. We are more than prepared to fight again to avert this even greater threat at a dark moment in human history, when poetry is more than ever a vital light for all of us. Our right to poetry is priceless. 

Save our National Poetry Library! Don’t put a price on poetry!

We have a right to free service & access!