President of the Southampton Student Union to stand down immediately

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Emily Dawes, the Southampton University Student Union president should apologise and stand down immediately regarding her offensive comments made using her work-associated Twitter account. Dawes vowed to remove the mural in the university Senate room, threatening to vandalise it herself due to it depicting ‘white men’. The mural in fact depicts the young men who left Southampton University to fight during the First World War receiving their degrees which many of them did not return to receive. Not only that, but it is a memorial to all those who died during the conflict. Dawes’ comments, fuelled by the simple fact that the men in the mural are white, are unacceptable and offensive to the vast majority of students who choose to support remembrance. Therefore, this is an unacceptable abuse of an elected position to further her own political agenda, and, as admitted by the Student Union, is not in line with their ‘mission or values’.