Keep the SIgn on 24 in Flanders/Southampton Town.

Maybe we can all do a drive by with honking to the complainer. Maybe News12 can send a reporter knocking on her front door and ask why she thinks putting a message out to not drink or text while driving is such a bad thing. Every business has signs on their property or building, does she find those distracting. When looking for a road does she look for and read road name signs. Does she find reading highway signs distracting, should we take them down also. How about the state, county and town signs, some blinking or rotating around, that say buckle up, it's the law - should we stop those also because of them being distracting. Sounds more like a personal vendetta against a family who has suffered deaths because of texting and/or driving while impaired and should be dismissed and I would consider about filing harassment charges back against this very vile person. If she finds it so distracting maybe she shouldn't look. Wish I knew the vice president of Bayview Pines Civic Association name - maybe complaints can go into the town on how she annoys everyone. She must be a very unhappy person to go after others and maybe needs counselling or mental treatment. Bottom line is that these signs are NOT obnoxious as she claims and are public awareness signs as a reminder to drive safe. Why the Town of Southampton or their Code Enforcement people even bother with this type of multiple complainant is beyond me..........They should stand up and send her a letter to stop harassing the town with these constant complaints or she could have charges put against her. If other courts can do this then why hasn't the Town of Southampton done this!

Joyce Jones, Mastic Beach, NY, United States
6 months ago
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