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Let’s not just be a selling club and Re-Invest in SFC

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Let’s not be a Club that players join just to pursue a better or bigger club - LETS become the bigger/best club. - Why are we producing great quality players to just sell on to the so called bigger clubs - keep them longer and make them believe their future is with us. WE HAVE A GREAT ACADEMY and foundation of an excellent run club. New Owners need to be investing in the club so we can move forward. SIGN NOW. 

As a season ticket holder and a dedicated saints fan for over 30 years, I am writing to the board to express my concern of the lack of re-investment into the club from the sale of our quality players over the years who decide to move on. Whilst I understand it is difficult to keep players, I also believe this is due to the clubs/boards lack of vision and statement of intent. The biggest club in the South of England needs to move with investment into the next generation of football. DONT JUST TAKE.

SFC has the potential with the right investment to become a major commercial brand in BPL. Southampton is located in an affluent catchment area. Whilst selling the likes of Van Dijk, Mane, Clyne, Lallana, Shaw, Walcott, Ox, Bale, to name a few is inevitable. It is ultimately down to the clubs vision and future investment. I don’t blame the players as they are after all working for the club - If the company you work for lacks direction passion and growth - why would you stay and be committed. People laugh when I tell them I support my local club Southampton - it was funny at first but now we are seen as an opportunity/selling club - players are joining us just so they can progress into so called bigger clubs.

Lets make a change - spend wisely with reflection to what we sell to become a bigger and better placed club. Not a feeder club to those that have more money and ambition. We like to think big....spending big is not always the way but show intent and show vision, be transparent and committed to your fans...players come and go FANS don’t. Please re-invest the VVD Money and more so saints can become a major club in BPL not a laughing stepover club. We are potentially looking at a relegation battle. Brighton have more ambition trying to sign Dembele - why are we not signing the likes - I thought Celtic was our feeder club. 

Please understand that we are fans and will always support our club, but we have the right to question our leadership and intentions for the future of our club. 



Saints Fans 27/12/17

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