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Save our community Pub\Hub Bitterne Brewery aka The Big Cheese

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This petition is to help save the Bitterne Brewery/Big Cheese from property development and to keep it as a Public house and too revert back to its original name...

Opened in 19th Century as a brewery. Brewing ceased before WWI and the brewery building was demolished in 1926.
The original pub was damaged badly by air raids in WWII, killing the then landlord William Sly.
Victor Sly (William's son) was made landlord and continued using the same (patched up) building until 1952 when the present pub was built.
One of the earliest pubs to have its own matchboxes manufactured for advertising.
In 1902 one advert was for Whiskey at 14s/9p (73p) per GALLON!!
For many years a free house but associated with Courage's Brewery since 1955.

This pub is essential to our local community.

We have backing from Royston Smith MP and local councillors.

We have formed a local action group due to the secret closure of local community pub, The Bitterne Brewery aka The Big Cheese, West End Road, Southampton.
The staff and local community were not informed until the Friday 3rd February that they are closing the pub on the 12th February as it may been sold to a development company.

It would be sad to lose this pub which serves the community on so many levels. The closure is without considering the local communities wishes, needs, or human rights.
Our pub caters for everyone including elderly, families, the disabled and people with mental health.
This is the only family pub and disabled access pub in the Bitterne and Harefeild area.

Over the years we have many events to raise money for charity including Macmillan, Help the Heroes and Children in Need as well as more localised charities to raise funds to help people in our community.

This pub is the heart of our community and provides a friendly, informal, supportive and non judgemental environment where members of our community can drop in at any time and always a friendly face. Most people who use the pub regularly view it as an extended home/family and for many it is their lifeline.

Many local people whom live in supported accommodation feel comfortable to visit this pub regularly with their support workers. Some like to come to listen to the music or play pool and intergrate with everyone and are always welcome. Autism Hampshire are one the of the local organisations that use this facility. Also other organisations such as Dimensions visit to bring their disabled clients to meet for socialisation and meals out. There are also several families locally with autistic children who feel calm and comfortable when visiting the premises. Closing this pub with have a detrimental affect on many many members.

The building is also a famous landmark with extensive history which we as a community feel is essential to the heritage of our city. When it was first built it was a brewery as well as a public house, It took a direct hit in WW2 and then rebuilt.

We have applying for a Community Asset Order as some of the above will be included in the list of details that would have an impact on the community if this public house is no longer here, we would then move onto the fact we would have no base to organise charity raising events or family fun days which are always popular throughout the year covering the various holidays etc.

Lastly we would move onto the case that if it were to be turned into MORE flats the impact that would then have on our community, firstly the loss of employment for our local economy then a brief list, ie, extra stretch on schools which are already full to capacity, Doctor surgeries, hospitals, parking etc. It would then increase traffic, which West End Road is already a busy main route in and out of Southampton.

We have started a petition and have obtained in excess of 300 signatures in just 48 hours and that isn't counting the online petition, which we expect to increase hugley.

We are also preparing a request of The Freedom of Information Act.

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