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My mums life changed for the worse in November 2017 when she was diagnosed with stage 3 non small cell lung cancer on her right lung and lymph nodes in her upper shoulder and chest. Whilst battling through chemotherapy and radiotherapy she has been admitted into hospital on several occasions due to her cancerous lung collapsing and also catching infections. As a result from this traumatic event she had to undergo surgery for a lung stent to be placed to open up her lung so she could breathe. When she caught a infection it started off as sepsis and she was admitted into intensive care. They caught the infection and she had to stay in hospital for two weeks whilst they treated it. My mum can now breathe on her own but this doesn’t come without a struggle. The reason for my petition is because we (me my mum and my older brother) live in a council flat which takes 6 flights of stairs to get into. I am my mums carer so I need to be moved with her. My mum is now housebound because she cannot get up our stairs without crawling because she is so breathless. Due to this it’s affecting my mum physically and mentally. She already has a battle with cancer she should not have to battle with the council too.  The council will not reward my mum the priority to have a house because a family with younger children need it more. One of the managers at Southampton City council (houseing and associations) said “children need the opportunity to be able to play in a garden therefore they would get accepted for a house first. The chances of a family not bidding on a house are highly unlikely.” So my reply was “so because a family need a garden my mum is going to have to stay housebound unless a 3 bed ground floor miraculously becomes available?” And she said yes. My mum is Intitled to a 3 bedroom ground floor flat which there are a massive shortage of?! Also there is a massive shortage on 3 bedroom flats with lift access so  surely She should be accepted on a house if it was to come available? But this isn’t the case. Clearly they don’t understand the extent of this situation so please please PLEASE everyone sign this petition in hope that this will make a difference on my mum getting the home she needs. 

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