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Demolish canberra towers and rehome the residents

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Canberra towers is a 24 storey block of flats, built in the 60s.

Anyone who lives in this block can tell you what a health and safety hazard it is.

Firstly, After the recent events in london, i feel the first point to make is  our fire safety, ITS NON EXISTENT despite what the council say.

We have no sprinkler system at all,  our public alarms couldnt wake anybody up they're extremely quiet, the last time they went off i couldnt even hear them. Our only escape is the stairs, but what if theyre engulfed? we either burn to death or jump

A majority of residents in our block are elderly, disabled or children. The three most vulnerable type of people in the event of fire.


My second point is the mold issue, practically every resident I've spoken to is experiencing or has experienced some type of mould, a lot of residents seem pretty sure this has caused health issues in their children like asthma and heavy breathing

Thirdly, the lift system is an absolute joke we've only had one lift for over a year now and before that, the lift were very temperamental and have not properly worked for over 5 years. This leaves most disabled and Elderly residents unable to leave their home for all this weeks at a time. It's also very worrying that the council told residents that the railings kept falling off the lift from floor 20-24.

There is a massive issue with vandalism many people have there cars ruined from paint being thrown from windows, also many people walk fastly into the block to avoid being hit from debre, people have even thrown alive cats and rodents out the windows!! 

The windows whistle, leak and forced open by the extreme wind.

Not a single floor is anti slip, a massive hazard for the weather we experience 

Constant blocking of sinks bath and toilet, one resident having to use there neighbors toilet for over two weeks.

MASSIVE cracks, i can fit a few fingers in, council wont even come and look.


Oil chucked over the stairs constantly 


Balconys constatly flooded for most residents, there balcony is a swimming pool

Another issue is the huge crack in the foundations wich is 'something not to worry about' how on earth is that fathomable !

This is all just the tip of the iceberg and i ask all residents old and past to write below and leave feedback to how bad there experience was amd the problems they face daily

Everyday is becoming more and more of a struggle, and a fear for our safety, The more of us that stand uo and make our voices heard the council wont have a choice

i urge all residents to share and sign this petition. We have moaned and complained to the council for years! all they done was paint it and add some rocking horses to the bottom

Practically every resident ive spoken to is desperate to be rehomed or foe the block to have a major renovation to get it back up straight again instead of at an angle!!

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