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Re open Dinnington police station.

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Dinnington and Anston a community of 25,000 people warrant a police station.  The staffing levels should be set at 25 officers, 6 on duty at any one time 24/7.   2 officers on the beat in the Anston area, 2 officers on the beat in the Dinnington area and two patrolling in cars around the surrounding area. Calculations for the staffing levels are as follows.

Having a police station will allow the public to feel safer and be able to go there in the event their safety is threatened 24/7.  The public should have a public door to the police in their neighbourhood, where they can speak face to face with the organisation. The station will also act as a deterrent to criminal activity, as police officers come and go 24/7 365 days a year in the area around it.

Having a police station will reduce the crime in the area and allow the police to be more proactive in preventing it.   Since the closure of the station, crime appears to have increased in the area and we have had two recent murders, something that was unknown of previously.

This doesn't have to be an expensive upgrade or new building.  The police station could be incorporated into an existing building like the Resouce centre or Bus station or even a portable building on a car park.  It would require a public desk, meeting room, cell and toilet.  This station could be manned by a civilian member of staff.

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