Don't Sell Student Lunch Debt to a Board Member's Collection Agency!

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The South Western School Board has just selected a collection agency owned by a board member to place STUDENTS in collections for unpaid lunch debt.

This is an unacceptable level of corruption. To profit off the backs of the poorest kids in town is despicable. 

According to the SW School District, after poor students graduate or leave the schools, "it's harder to find them, so that's where the collection agency comes in."

Jim Harris, a SWSD board member, owns the collections company JP Harris Associates. Jim wants to buy the entire district's student lunch debt for pennies on the dollar, then assign that debt to the very students he swore to serve -- who just needed something to eat. If business gets slow at JP Harris Associates, Jim can now just vote to raise the lunch prices and get more students deeper into debt to his own company. 

The school board will be meeting on Thursday (10/31) to sign the contract and give their buddy the keys to line his pockets with dirty money. The goal is to get enough people to sign this and send a message to the board that the community will not stand for this.

Imagine the child who has to go hungry every day and make excuses to avoid the lunchroom because they don't want to get another threatening collection notice from their school board member's for-profit company.

Please sign and share on your social media accounts. Tag the other board members who voted unanimously for this and ask them why?

We only have a short time to make our voices heard and stop corruption when we see it.

Protect the most vulnerable amongst us!

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