Improve disabled & Pushchair access to Hedge End Train Station

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Andrew Merewether-Helps
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Hedge End train station is located on the outskirts and it has several issues with access to the station of those with mobility issues. 

Access to the London bound Platform is excellent however the access to the Portsmouth Bound platform is not suitable for those with mobility issues like myself. To access the Portsmouth Bound platform you need to head up the road away from the station and make a left down Shamblehurst Lane South which is a country lane with a Hump back bridge over the railway line. There is no pavement down Shamblehurst lane south and as such you would have to walk in the road and then over a hump back bridge. 

This is extremely dangerous as cars approach the bridge with some speed (the road is national speed limit). Once you are over the bridge you have to walk down the road and then cross the road to go down a pathway to the Portsmouth bound platform. The Entrance to this path does not have tarmac and so in wet wether becomes slippery and churned up. In wet weather it is almost impossible to access the platform in and someone with limited mobility could become stuck. 

South Western Railways advice is that if you need to travel to Portsmouth then you should get on a train on the London Bound platform and then get off at Eastleigh. Which will add 1 hour to any persons journey. After speaking with South Western Railway they have informed me that the issue is joint between them and Eastleigh Borough Council but they have said that access to the station is lower on the priority list.