Save St Budeaux Community Centre

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St Budeaux Community Centre is under threat. South West Water have issued a disconnection notice, and demanded an unaffordable amount of money up front to keep the water connected. If the water is disconnected, our community centre will not be able to open and will have to close completely. This will deprive our community and the rest of Plymouth of a Centre that many rely on.
The community centre has offered South West Water an amount that is affordable to keep the centre running, but the company have refused.
The community centre owe South West Water over £10,000 due to water leakage from a defective pipe running from the water main. The company have demanded nearly £4000 up front with further instalments of over £1000, and are refusing to negotiate a lower amount.
This is unreasonable, and not a good way for a company to deal with a community organisation.

South West Water need to suspend the disconnection notice, and take a common sense approach to negotiate a fair and reasonable amount for the community association to pay.

Personal story
I’m St Budeaux Ward councillor Darren Winter. I believe that South West Water can do better than this. I don’t believe they are in the business of shutting down community centres. I urge them to sit down with us, and agree an affordable settlement.