Reopen the Mx track at Lake Wairarapa Reserve

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Hi everyone.

As some of you may know the MX track has been closed down due to claims of it being a health and safety issue to Walker's.

If you think this is unfair and/or incorrect of the Council to close the MX track without properly looking at things and taking the consideration of the few thousand residents we have here in Featherston.

The track and lake go far far back into the history of Wairarapa and should not be shut down for no good reason or just because its easier for the council involved than doing a proper investigation into the matter.

Please sign this petition just to show the councils and community its worth the investigation and we do want this reopened as soon as possible for our young ones as it will keep bikes/offroad vehicles off the street and at the track where they should be.

I know that motorcycles are frowned upon because of a few bad people but we aren't all like this and we are willing and happy to share the area with others but considering it is a small MX area in a decent size reserve and it being the only legal place for anyone to use without a huge fee in the lower north island it would be a huge shame to have it go to waste. Also to see all these bikes out on the street and down at the local rivers are sure to cause more issues in the future.

Please have consideration for all.