Protect our Street Trees

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Shirley Ford
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We call on the council to stop felling street trees to improve pavements – 173 street trees have already been chopped down in our borough due to this. We demand the council change its programme to replace paving flags with bitmac (tarmac) so that it will always protect existing street trees and only ever chop down dead or diseased trees.

The current programme is called Flags to Flexible (F2F) and it will only keep existing street trees “where possible” – that means if the Highways Team decide they can work around the trees. F2F also means that where they cut down trees, they will replant saplings in more "appropriate" locations ie NOT on the street. 
There are many alternative engineering solutions to improve pavements where there are mature street trees affecting paving which must be used instead of felling. We need our street trees – for our health and wellbeing, for wildlife, for tackling air pollution and climate change.