No to the proposed Tilesheds Flyover in South Tyneside

No to the proposed Tilesheds Flyover in South Tyneside

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Rachael Milne started this petition to South Tyneside Council and

What will the flyover mean:

Decimation to hundreds of metres of established hedges along with huge amounts of healthy Tree loss. This area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Part of the Great North Forest and a Local Nature Reserve.

A greenbelt that is home to many rare species. Birds, amphibians, mammals and insects are currently abundant. They will all be negatively affected by a flyover.

Fields used by horses will have an all imposing flyover alongside and encroaching into the fields which are currently popular. Works will also lead to undue stress on resident horses through noise and pollution.

The character of this wildlife haven will be destroyed forever.

A flyover is not needed.

The level crossing works fine as it is. A double barrier to be installed by Network Rail should not lead to an increase in waiting times by any more than a short time. Drivers can navigate from location to location without even using the level crossing at all. 

No public consultation or public engagement Yet the project has been developing over 4 years. £20 million pound has been applied for to begin the flyover. No democracy in the decision making process as local residents and the wider public can not shape the designs in any way. We will all just be told what WILL happen.

We must preserve the Tilesheds, Benton Road an New Road as they currently are. We are in the midst of a Climate Emergency-as South Tyneside Councillors and council recently declared. 

This area is vital to look after as it is. It is a Carbon Capturing resource. Such areas take away carbon dioxide and convert it back into Oxygen. Improving the physical health and mental health of all those lucky enough to live or work nearby. As well as all those horse lovers, dog walkers, bird watchers and nature lovers.

Why a Flyover:

The main reason for the flyover is to permit the development of over 1000 houses on North Farm and off Benton Road. Traffic from these will cause congestion and increase air pollution which will affect the health of  people living in surrounding areas.

Our own government guidance ( website):

In a major speech, the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency will today (Tuesday 8 September) say that universal access to a healthy natural environment could save the NHS billions of pounds a year in treatment costs if everyone in England had access to good quality green space.

Sir James Bevan will highlight evidence which shows the physical and mental health benefits of good environment, and make the case for “levelling up” access to the environment as part of the green recovery from coronavirus. He will also lay out the steps the Environment Agency is taking to protect and enhance our precious green and blue spaces, while adapting to the threat of a changing climate.‘

#StopTheFlyover #SaveTheGreenbelt

published on behalf of South Tyneside Environmental Protection (STEP)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!