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No Mandatory Homework For Grades K-6

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As a concerned mother of elementary students, I want to petition the District to change their homework policy. As a mother, I believe that is it my right to determine how my children's time is spent at home. I should be able to decide if our time is best spent on a worksheet or on making dinner; on yet another learning app or on climbing a tree; on one more spelling game or on a board game. Schools exist because parents like me choose to send our children there. It is a show of trust to let them teach our children for 7+ hours a day. When they come home, let them be mine. Let me have my right to be their mother. I am not saying that you can't send some worksheets home with them, but know that it is my choice what we do with those worksheets.  Some kids may thrive on school work at home, while others may thrive having other experiences at home. Children should be allowed to be a part of their family and do the things that make their family unique and special. I suggest you have a few fun projects a year, but have them be age appropriate so that the child can actually accomplish them. Let the school work that you send home be worthwhile and then if they return it, they can earn points for extra things like pencils and stickers; the child should not be ridiculed or punished for not doing them. Children also should never be held in from recess or denied the opportunity to go on a field trip because their family does different things in the evenings than the school's homework. Schools don't have the right to dictate a family's time. I support teachers roles in my children's lives, but I would like my role as a parent supported as well. This does not take anything away, it only adds. Again, families that want homework can have it, and families that would like to have time for other things will get that time as well. If you feel the same, then sign this petition asking our District to change their policy to make homework optional in grades K-6 and give parents back their right to parent the way they see fit.  

If you would like to read more about the topic click on one of these links. If you would like to read about it at length, check out the book Rethinking Homework by Cathy Vatterott. innovation/why-are-finlands- schools-successful-49859555/


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