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Save the five sunbears and other animals at Punti Kayu Zoo in Palembang

An orangutan named Virang, finally died after all of his suffering life at Punti Kayu zoo in Palembang, South Sumatra. In this illegal zoo, there are living 5 sunbears with worse condition than Virang. They have shown a stereotype behavior.

Centre for Orangutan Protection has assessed the zoo and the result shows that technically, it is impossible to improve this zoo. Therefore, the zoo should be closed down immediately and the animals should be rescued.

The APE Warrior team of Centre for Orangutan Protection in Sumatra Mission programme, will be in Sumatra for 30 days to gather the public support. This should be done to fight against animal poaching and trading. Because, most of animal collections in this zoo were from the community, it could be that they were victims of poaching and trading. They will die in vain in this bad zoo like Punti Kayu.

We have reported to the authority but no response or action. This week an orangutan died, but it could be next week, other animals including the five sunbears would die. We have to prevent before this happens!

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