Freedom for Kerbino Wol - South Sudan's Noble Youth Leader

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Kerbino Wol, a respected entrepreneur and philanthropist was arrested on Friday 27th April by the South Sudan's National Security Service and was summoned to the NNS Headquarters in Jebel, South Sudan.

His arrest is based on attempt to stage a coup against the current South Sudanese government. 

Personally, I've known Kerbino to be the most selfless, charitable gentleman, who has always put others before himself. I have never questioned his authenticity, or his willingness to prove himself as a great role-model to the youth within our community. 

Professionally, a man of high integrity who would never involve himself with governmental, nor political affairs, but as a man who always found ways to better the country, and the youth within the country. He was one of the first entrepreneurs of South Sudan to take on underprivileged youths and offer them jobs when nobody was. His track record has proven clean, with several articles, interviews and current updates on his professional progress online to back this up. Surely a man who had an outraging vendetta against the government, whether silent or public, would transpire with some form of substantial evidence surfing on the net to back this accusation, considering his popularity. 

As of yet, and I believe as of never, will there be any just reason to imprison Kerbino, or hold him under investigation for wishing ill on the Government of South Sudan, or in this particular case, committing treason.

I believe if any concern has been raised, it would of course be sensible to hold necessary investigations. However, investigations have been completed weeks into his arrest with no evidence to back the above claim, yet he is still being detained.

This is a petition for others to be aware of not just Kerbino's incredible character, but the unjust, unlawful way this 'case' is being treated.

Let us stand together to have Kerbino released, so we can allow him to show us the great things he can do for our country. He is a great man.