Ask South Suburban Parks & Recreation to Lower their 2021 Residential Property Tax Rate

Ask South Suburban Parks & Recreation to Lower their 2021 Residential Property Tax Rate

December 1, 2020
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Mayor's Office City of Sheridan and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Elizabeth Watson

By signing this petition you are asking the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District (SSPRD) to LOWER the mill levy rate for all SSPRD residents starting in 2021.

If SSPRD lowers their residential property tax assessment for 2021, residents in the District will be given a year of slightly lower residential taxes to recover from hardships caused by the pandemic and will provide residents with an opportunity to provide input for possible increases in 2022.  

SSPRD continually represents their need for additional funds as necessary to maintain services and provide improvements to existing District resources.

But SSPRD does not mention the 206,000 square foot new multi-sports complex and office building that they used over $23,000,000 of tax-payer money to build.

On May 14, 2019 SSPRD broke ground on their new Sports Complex located on East County Line Road and South Holly Street. This $61 million project includes the new District administration offices, three separate sheets of ice, a field house with two synthetic turf fields and two gymnasiums with Pickleball courts.

This project also resulted in the loss of a South Suburban dog park and frisbee golf area.

Additional information on SSPRD's new Sports Complex is available on the SSPRD website - under Sports Complex. 

Sign this petition to help ensure SSPRD lowers residential tax rates for all district residents in 2021.

According to the SSPRD website there are approximately 157,000 residents in the district which includes the Town of Bow Mar, Town of Columbine Valley, City of Littleton, City of Sheridan, City of Centennial west of I-25, and unincorporated portions of Douglas County, Jefferson County and Arapahoe County.

Every family in these cities will be forced to pay additional taxes directly to SSPRD to support and continue to pay for a $61 million project.



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Signatures: 27Next Goal: 50
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  • Mayor's Office City of Sheridan
  • Mayor's Office City of Littleton
  • Mayor's Office City of Centennial
  • Mayor's Office City of Bow Mar
  • Mayor's Office City of Lone Tree