South Staffs NHS Trust: Stop denying me the operation I need. End the unfair "postcode lottery"

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In April 2010 I was involved in a serious car accident and given just a 5% chance of survival. Thanks to the incredible work of NHS staff I survived and 23 operations later I am almost making a full recovery. But I've been told that I can't have the final operation that will allow me to walk unaided because it's not on the list of procedures that my NHS Primary Care Trust have allocated where I live.

This final operation could end the nightmare of my last two years, allow me to walk again and to get back to work. I don't believe vital services should be a postcode lottery. Please join me in calling on the South Staffordshire NHS Trust to overturn their decision and give me this surgery.

Here's my reason for starting this campaign and a recent ITV report. You can see how it might affect someone you care about below.


Signing this petition has far more positive results than just supporting my case; for which I feel, typifies the NHS issues as a whole.

In the UK, different NHS trusts routinely make clinical decisions on individuals that need surgery to help with a variety of individual physical disabilities. These decisions are, seemingly, not based on individuals case history or given priority when recommended by surgical professional, but are made based on priorities given to funding, resources, and categorised by where, in each district, the individual resides corresponding to what surgical procedures that particular NHS trust has laid out its approved procedure list; an ‘NHS postcode health lottery’ to describe it as such.

"Why should I care?" Here's why you should.
Signing this petition will help you and others in many ways. I will be submitting this petition, not only in support of my own case to my local Trust in hoping they will reverse their decision on my surgery, but also to the Government to help reform the current system and better it for everyone.

Imagine this scenario in your life.
A loved one (sister, brother, daughter, son or your parents) in your own family, who has been paying into the system all throughout their working life, requires surgery to greatly improve their health and standard of living. Without it, they face a certain lifetime of difficulties and pain, more so than they are experiencing now. A recommendation is made, either by their own GP or surgical professional, for a modern treatment that will ease their on-going pain and help them to restore normality to their life. But, your local NHS hospital refuses to fund it. Why? Because the treatment that will help your loved one is not on the Trusts approved list that they have allocated to the area where your loved one lives.

As in my case, my surgical consultant ( a Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma ) has recommended a specific modern treatment that will better my quality of life in the long term and improve my current health care following a long line of corrective, necessary, surgeries. This particular surgery is not only better for me than the ‘approved alternative’ and help to return me back to useful citizen again, but also less painful, less prone to infection, and is also cheaper and more efficient than the Trusts ‘approved’ procedures. Doing nothing will only result in more invasive, painful, difficult and costly surgery further down the line. Why refuse to act now at less cost, instead waiting for a greater problem to hit later in life, when it could so easily have been rectified now?

The system needs to change. It must.
People's health and wellbeing should not be limited to where they live, when they have paid into the system all throughout their lives and, when they need for whatever reason or for however long, it lets them down.

This petition will be submitted to the CCG in 2013 and will continue until surgery is confirmed, so please share this link with all that you feel could benefit from a change in the system.

Thank you very much for signing my petition, and your support in my case.

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