"Flying" Brian Tang from Ocean Pearl to switch on South Shields Lights

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For years a legend of our small town has been overlooked in favor of "Z list " celebrity's. Brian Tang has faithfully represented our town for over 30 years and provided us with the best Chinese food this side of Shang Hai. The man has never had a day off sick, nor has he ever ballsed up anybody's order since the day he opened his doors all them years ago to bring the cuisine of his forefathers land to the streets of South Shields. We the people demand that Mr Tang switch on the Christmas Lights at South Shields for 2018, and not them two pompous, over the top Helmets who go by the name of Jedward. 

Jedward will not even remember the name of our town come January 1st, Brian Tang hasn`t forgotten my name in his life, and he last served me in 2006. Brian Over Jedward!!