Reclaim South San Francisco: Defund and Demilitarize SSFPD

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Call for Public Comment; CHANGE SSF Petition Hits 1,000 Signatures During Meeting with City Leaders

First and foremost, we would like to thank every signer for their support in the midst of these crises. We hit 1,000 signatures during our round-table discussion with the city council, where we highlighted the fallacies within police reform and presented alternative strategies to policing involving reinvestment in the community. The issues brought up at this round-table included affordable housing, mental health services, and removing police from schools. However, the fight for justice is far from over.

The next city council meeting is today, and we are calling on South City residents and community members to submit public comments before the upcoming city council meeting regarding concerns from the round-table, the increase in the police budget, and anything else they feel needs to be addressed. Comments must be under 500 words and sent to with the subject line “Agenda Item 11 Public Comment” by 5PM PST. If anyone needs help with writing their public comment, they can DM on our social media accounts or email us at

Please continue to also spread our petition and encourage friends and family to speak out as well.

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Our full statement regarding our round-table discussion with the city can be found at the following link:

5 months ago