STOP the hike in South Point School Fees

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There has been an abrupt increase in the fees charged for students at South Point School. The fee has increased by about 27 percent in one go without any prior notice. A majority of guardians are barely able to compete with already alarming increases in educational fees.

On an average, the salary of working class is increased by about 8 percent, that too on a higher side. How can one support the educational needs when the fee increases by way beyond percentages than the inflation itself? Also to a surprise, there is never any change which we are seeing in any facilities, infrastructure, etc.

When parents raised issue on fee hike, unjustified reason of fee hike was given. Parents were finally advised to move their children to other schools, if they were not in agreement with the decision. Police officials were also kept in the compound during meeting with parents to intimidate them.

The guardians are in dismay and scared because they don’t want their kids to suffer. School staff are not able to justify this sudden increase. The guardians of students of South Point School plea to South Point School Administration and all relevant authorities to provide them with relief from this injustice.