Get a swimming pool in South Point OH

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I would like to have a pool as a summertime recreational activity in South Point. We had one when I was growing up and it was a very popular attraction for kids and parents alike. Our community is growing with the businesses that are moving into The Point Complex, those businesses are bringing family's and having somewhere in town that they can spend time as a family will do nothing but make South Point a more popular place to be. Sadly, we do not have anything local to do in our little town, but it doesn't have to be that way. Let's bring back families going swimming, night swims for the teenagers and pool parties for birthdays and graduations. The revenue created will alone pay for a lot of improvements around our community but bringing people together, IN OUR TOWN, is more important than any amount of money we could ever make! Let's stop sending money to Ironton/Ashland/Huntington businesses and keep it here where it belongs! 

I don't know of one person who ever visited South Point Pool that doesn't have fond memories. We can have that back!