Reinstate Lansdowne Drives Child/Dog Friendly Fences

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On the Rosebery Park estate we had two fenced greens that were regularly used by lots of residents for letting dogs off the lead to play safely without risk of them going onto the road. 

These fences have now been removed and replaced with 1 foot high ones. There was no notification that this was going to happen and residents were not informed that this would happen either. 

When I spoke to the developers I was advised that the parish council along with 6 residents had been campaigning for these fences to be removed for over a year and yet no one who lived in the area was informed about this so no defensive action was able to be taken. I was also informed that it was never intended to be used as a dogs playing area however when I challenged why each area had a dog poo bins inside it rather than outside there was no response.

Our right to choose was taken away from us without notification and now we are left with no safe environment to let our dogs play or even a safe place for children to play as the road is now very easily accessible. 

We are campaigning to get the fences reinstated so we can have safe playing environment. 

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