Reverse the unfair charge for OAP's Activage programme.

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There is a scheme within South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture caller Activage. Activage is a membership specifically for South Lanarkshire residents who are aged 60+ and allows members access to their leisure facilities including swimming and health suites, East Kilbride Ice Rink, cultural and library activities, golf courses etc.

The cost to users was recently changed to £56.25 for the full year's membership.

Part of the original agreement was that swimming lessons, for example, were free and classes could be booked, on a first come first served basis, for a block of 8 lessons. Also as part of this scheme you could use the facilities as often as you wished using your membership pass.

OAP's are learning to swim to take advantage of this type of exercise and are getting out and staying active because of this incentive. For some OAP's, this is the only time they get out of the house.

Just a couple of weeks ago we were advised that we would now only get this current class free of charge and would then have to pay £27 pounds for each course of lessons.

I propose that the programme remain the same with no increase to the cost for OAP's  learning to swim etc.