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Don’t let our Community Go up in Smoke

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Objection to application for Clean Power Ltd Incinerator at Whitehill, Hamilton planning application number  HM/17/0260

we wish to note our objection to the planning application from Clean Power property ltd for the waste energy site on the former craghead school site in Hamilton.

we wish to raise a number of points in regards to the application


Access to the site will be from a single track road directly from an off ramp from the East kilbride express way the operation of this firstly would result in up to 60 trucks daily coming in and out of this junction a junction that is not suitable for this level of traffic. It would result in even more traffic and delays on the East Kilbride express way and Raith interchange at peak times.


The site backs on to the Backmuir woodlands and nature reserve this for the area of whitehill is the only access to green space that the community have it is well used by local people dog walkers as well as the local nursery using the woods for forest schooling and outdoor learning as part of the curriculum of excellence. This proposal will put their activities at risk as well as endangering the environment of this historical woodlands which is home to a range of animals from foxes, rabbit’ badgers and row dear. The woods are also home to a number of bat species and this has not been fully investigated by the developers.

Proximity to property.

The site lies less than 50 meters from residential properties this makes the application in breach of the Scottish governments agreed buffer zone for properties and operations of this type. A similar application was overturned in Perth due to the close proximity to Perth prison.(  The people of this community should have the same rights if not greater rights then those of prisoners. The fact that whitehill is in the top 5% of areas of multiple deprivation (SIMD) according to government statistics should not give developers the right to inflict more suffering on the area.


The unsightly cooling chimney will sit at 95 meters tall this will be up to 3 time taller than the town historic morsaleum . The question remains if the developers feels it is prudent to have a stack this tall exactly what harmful emissions are coming from the chimney that it has to be this tall.

we implore the planning committee to throw this application out and reject it in the first instance



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