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Ask Pasadena to say no to cruel horse drawn carriages.

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Each year Holidayfest is held in the South Lake District of Pasadena, CA. Horse drawn carriages are included as part of the festivities. Forcing horses to carry oversized loads is cruel and unnecessary. It is wrong to make horses pull carriages full of people while at the same time dodging traffic and dealing with adverse weather conditions. Horses exposed to these conditions often develop respiratory issues and their bodies are pushed beyond their natural limits. There have been instances of horses collapsing under such conditions. As such, this practice is also a huge safety concern for humans. Please ask the South Lake Business Association to discontinue the use of horse drawn carriages. Animals are not here for us to use, exploit or abuse. Animal cruelty does not need to be a part of any holiday celebration.

Visit the websites below for more information on the cruelty of horse drawn carriages.

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