provide visa and let unmarried international couples meet in Korea and get married.

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Inspired by the #LoveIsNoTourism movement, we want to bring this concern to the president's attention, and ask that he too finds a way to make an exception for unmarried partners of Koreans to come stay with their loved ones in Korea. 

Denmark and Sweden have already found a way, and more will follow quickly.

Let couples, married and unmarried, families and separated loved ones reunite!
Let them fill in an official declaration to proof they are family or in a committed relationship.
Place Family and Relationship reuniting on the list of essential travel.
We will self-isolate on arrival.
We will get tested if needed.

Our need to go see our spouses and loved ones isn't a vacation.


I am a Korean woman who is in a long distance relationship with a man from Russia. 

we were going to get married this year and we bought 3 different flight tickets due to constant canceling of flights but finally we couldn't make it. 

we have been searching the ways to be together but since we are not yet legally married, there's no way for him to get a visa to Korea. (visa-free policy has stopped)

while I was searching , I got to know that there are many people like us. 

please find a way to let the international couples reunite in Korea