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All dogs should be protected equally under the Animal Protection Law.

The aim of this campaign is to dispel the misconception held by many in South Korea that there are two types of dogs- those raised as ‘pet dogs’ for companionship, and those raised as  ‘meat dogs’ for human consumption.

But a dog is a dog and all ‘types’ and breeds of dogs deserve the same protection under South Korea’s Animal Protection Law.

CARE is campaigning to end the dog meat industry in South Korea. Having conducted in-depth investigations throughout South Korea, we are ready to raise public awareness of the inherent cruelty and human health risks associated with the industry, and lobby the government to ensure all dogs are protected from abuse.

By signing this petition, I support the statements below;

1. There is no difference between ‘Pet’ dogs and ‘Meat’ dogs- all dogs should be protected equally under the Animal Protection Law.

2. All countries have both an ethical and legal responsibility to protect animals from abuse.

3. The government of the Republic of South Korea needs to improve animal protection legislation and ensure effective enforcement.

4. The production and consumption of dog meat should be prohibited by law.

5. I am opposed to the farming, slaughter and consumption of dogs. 


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