All dogs should be protected equally under the Animal Protection Law.

I am totally disgusted at the Torture of innocent animals it is a total perversion of humanity This inhumanity damages the human Psyche, spirit and soul, and it no longer allows humans to say we are in any way morally superior to any other animal on this planet.

Cruelty to animals, hurts and harms people in many ways. It causes depression, anxiety, vicarious trauma, P.T.S.D. and everything associated with mental and emotional well-being in children and those who are still not damaged enough to be able to experience empathy.

The feeling of helplessness to the violence, slowly as a defence system in the brain forges new mental pathways to defend its self and becomes desensitised, unconscious of empathy, compassion, and mercy, for not only animals but people outside or even inside the family unit, and then to society itself.

Deliberate cruelty to animals damages everything we call humanity, it makes us monsters. Most DECENT COMPASSIONATE HUMAN BEINGS in our millions in every single nation on the entire planet know this. SADISTIC COWARDLINESS TO INNOCENT DEFENCELESS ANIMALS is not just WRONG, it is EVIL and it is DEPRAVED.

Terry Lingard, Southend-on-Sea, ENG, United Kingdom
5 years ago
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