Please help South Korea from losing democracy

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Please save South Korea from losing democracy and taking on communism.

The South Korean government's peace treaty with North Korea that is currently taking place is supposed to end the war for good and remove all nuclear threats.

However, South Korean government's agenda does not end there. 

Ever since President Park's impeachment, the new South Korean president, President Moon, and his crew have been making extensive efforts to support North Korean communist-dictatorship regime. (Oh and by the way, President Moon was born in North Korea and has such passionate love for North Korea.) And the following are those efforts:

1) Providing electricity for the Gae-Sung Factory, which is a huge money-generating business for North Korea

2) Help smuggle coal from North Korea into South Korea by disguising them into Russian coal - which is against UN sanction by the way. (The claim is that the government was not aware of this and it was done by a private company, but coal is really clearly recognizable in terms of where they come from. So it does not make sense that they did not know the coal was from North Korea. Also it does not make sense that government was not notified about it.) - oh and South Korea opted out of Nuclear power business because of this - probably because they have plenty of coal to generate power now. But there is serious financial deficit in the national power industry because of this. 

3) The Moon government made an attempt to amend the South Korean constitution on the following clauses: 

- remove "free" from "free democratic country" - which removes the freedom component of the democratic state and allows room for bringing in communism.

- add clause about allowing a federal system where provinces/federal states have their own governing authority: this is so that South Korea can be a federal state of North Korea if North Korea and South Korea merge together after ending the war. 

Luckily, these amendments did not take place yet because the opposition put a stop to it in the congress. However, if these amendments are to be made, it means that South Korea will not be a distinct state with free democracy but we will be going under the North Korean regime if the two were to merge after ending the war. The intention of the current Moon government is very clear. 


Now, supporting North Korea financially for the sake of improving the living conditions of the people is not a bad thing at all. However, the huge problem is that supporting the North Korean regime economically will not make the people's lives better but will only benefit the regime. Only a few people with high political-social status will share that wealth and all the money will go towards developing their nuclear weapons. 


If you follow all the political news about what the Moon government is doing, you would be surprised. I am speaking out on this matter right now because the peace treaty is going on. The South Korean government and the North Korean government look to end the war, but the South Korean government is not even making any effort in solidifying the removal of North Korean nuclear weapons. What they hope to accomplish by ending the war is the removal of the United States army base in South Korea. (if no war, they don't have any sanctions to stay) And you can probably guess what they want to do next, when South Korea is left vulnerable in terms of national defence. (I mean with no help from US army and with North Korea holding onto their nuclear weapons?)


After the brutal Korean war in the 1950's, South Korea went through such dark and harsh times to establish a free democratic state. Please add your voices when we speak out to the South Korean government to stop their political agendas to turn South Korea into a communist state. 


Thank you.