Petitioning President Park Geun-hye SOUTH KOREA and 4 others

Stop torturing and eating 2.5 million dogs and 100,000 cats in South Korea

South Korea doesn't need to torture this amount of animals each year. The tortures include broken limbs, electrocution, slashed throats, thrown in pots of boiling water, being skinned alive, getting blowtorched, etc. 

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Letter to
President Park Geun-hye SOUTH KOREA
Prime Minister Mr. Kim Hwang-sik SOUTH KOREA
Minister Noh Yun-hong, Korea Food And Drug Administration SOUTH KOREA
and 2 others
Ambassador Duk-soo Han, Embassy of the Republic of South Korea SOUTH KOREA
Minister Suh Kyu Yong, Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MIFAFF) SOUTH KOREA (Minister Suh Kyu Yong, Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MIFAFF))
My friends, Joseph Franz and Ethan Gettes, and I discovered that 2.5 million dogs and 100,000 cats each year are being tortured and eaten in horrific ways in South Korea. These ways include electrocution, getting broken limbs, thrown into boiling water, getting blowtorched, and so much more. Everyone who has signed this petition, whether they are from Europe, America, Africa, South America, Australia, or Asia, also shares this concern with us. Please have pity on these poor, helpless animals and stop all this terrible torture that is happening in your own country. Why would they deserve this to happen to them? Please end all these terrors that are happening. Animals are living things and can feel pain, too.

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