Let’s stop supporting South Korea’s economy until they STOP THE FILTHY DOG/CAT MEAT TRADES

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South Korea’s filthy dog meat trade #noshopit2stopit 


Let’s stop supporting South Korea’s economy until they stop the filthy dog and cat meat trades.

Will you join us in a pledge?  Will you pledge to stop supporting South Korea’s already booming economy, until their Government takes effective action to stop the brutal dog and cat meat trades?  

South Korea is a leading producer, and exporter of many things bought all over the world, such as: smart phones, laptops, home appliances, speakers, TVs, cars, tires, trucks, oil, gas … the list goes on; from companies such as SAMSUNG, KIA, LG, HYUNDAI, HANKOOK. 

South Korea is very happy to benefit from the privileges and profits of an advanced society … but South Korea is not willing to take all of the responsibilities: their Government refuses to take action, and turns a blind eye to the brutality, illegality and shocking practices carried out in the dog and cat meat trades.  Dogs are subjected to inhumane treatment: they are fed rotten maggot-infested slops; imprisoned in small, raised, wire cages; forced to stand or lie on flooring made only of wire; they are given no protection from extreme weather, no exercise or medical care; they are continually made to have litter after litter, and then they are killed using unnecessarily cruel methods, in front of other live dogs.

Dog’s penis: eaten to improve men’s virility; cat soup (boiled alive): drunk to cure rheumatism, so believed because cats are nimble creatures … do you still think their ‘smart’ products look quite so smart?

Please, join us in a pledge - will you:

Boycott South Korea:

  • STOP buying all South Korean products,
  • STOP paying for any South Korean services,
  • STOP visiting South Korea,
  • STOP supporting the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, that South Korea has been given the privilege of hosting.

Face facts and find out more, at: www.koreandogs.org