South Korea: Pass the amendment to Animal Protection Act. Protect animals from cruelty and improve the welfare of Korean animals!

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New amendments to the Animal Protection Act introduced on October 1, 2013 in South Korea will greatly improve the welfare of the animals in Korea.  Therefore, it is very important that all of the provisions in this bill passes in order to lay the legal foundation to protect animals from cruelty and to increase the level of standards of welfare for Korean animals.  Read more about this proposed amendment:

Although this bill DOES NOT include provisions for dog meat ban if we can significantly strengthened the provisions to prohibit animal cruelty and increase the standard of animal welfare through passing of this bill, then we will get closer to the substantive ban of dog farms and be able to bring forward the complete ban of dog meat trade someday.

What will change if this bill passes?

1. The name of the law will change from ‘Animal Protection Act’ to ‘Animal Welfare Act’!!
2. Human responsibility as a principle, from recommendations to obligations!!
3. Widen the range of animals protected
4. Provisions prohibiting animal cruelty become concretized, refined and strengthened
5. Provide concrete measures to protect animals from abusers
6. Only the animal testing that follows animal welfare principle will be allowed
7. Bill proposes welfare principles for the farm animals as well
8. Restrict who can buy or sell animals
9. Qualification of animal protection inspectors and honorary inspectors will be heightened and their responsibility will be strengthened
10. More severe penalties. Prevention of animal abuse, education and even rehabilitation of animal abusers!

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Please send messages urging members of the Agricultural and Livestock Committee of the South Korean National Assembly to pass this important legislation as quickly as possible.